COPENHAGEN, 9 December 2018 - Parliamentarians from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly have expressed their sorrow over the death of Lyudmila Alekseyeva of Russia, who died today at the age of 91. President George Tsereteli (Georgia) and human rights committee Chair Margareta Kiener Nellen (Switzerland) and Vice-Chair Michael Link (Germany) praised Alekseyeva as an inspirational figure for human rights advocates world-wide.

“Alekseyeva spent her life fighting for principled and respectful treatment for all people and I hope her legacy will serve as a reminder to all that we need to continue this work,” said President Tsereteli. “Her continuous struggle for justice and against repression, first in the Soviet Union and more recently in Russia, should inspire us all.”

Alekseyeva co-founded the Moscow Helsinki Group human rights organization in 1976, which Tsereteli noted was closely linked to the OSCE process.

Margareta Kiener Nellen noted that Alekseyeva’s work with the Moscow Helsinki Group had served as model for modern human rights advocates globally. “As we celebrate International Human Rights Day tomorrow, we will particularly honour Alekseyeva and her strength, which have been inspiring so many people for decades now.”

“At this time of serious challenges to human rights principles, Alekseyeva's courage to challenge the powerful Soviet government reminds us of the power of strong will and determination,” said Michael Link, Vice-Chair of the OSCE PA General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions. “We can best honour her by continuing to fight for the vital human rights principles that she championed throughout her life.”