George TsereteliOSCE PA President George TsereteliCOPENHAGEN, 4 May 2018 – The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is closely following the situation in Armenia and welcomes the active dialogue among political forces, said PA President George Tsereteli (MP, Georgia) today.

“I hope for a swift political agreement to the current impasse so that the government can focus on the many challenges facing Armenia,” the President said. “I encourage political leaders to continue engaging in parliamentary dialogue, as well as working with civil society and the international community, in finding a satisfactory outcome, which should be seen within the broader process of developing the country’s political culture.”

Public reports indicate that Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinian was officially nominated for prime minister for a second time by his Yelk party and allied opposition parties in parliament on Thursday. In recent days, Pashinian has met with the ambassadors of the European Union, Russia, the United States, and Georgia, to discuss negotiations taking place to resolve the political crisis.

President Tsereteli spoke by telephone on Thursday with the Speaker of Parliament, Ara Babloyan, to discuss the situation and offer the support of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in the process of dialogue. He also spoke with Hermine Naghdalyan, Head of Armenia’s Delegation to the OSCE PA.

“My conversations with parliamentary colleagues in Armenia reinforced my confidence that leading political figures in Yerevan are committed to finding a constructive solution to the situation,” President Tsereteli said. “I stressed that all sides must exercise due restraint and continue on the path of productive dialogue.”

The current situation follows weeks of street protests in Yerevan and other cities. The President stressed that peaceful assembly is an important avenue for expressing opinions but said that he was encouraged that political dialogue is taking place within the parliamentary system.