230318 GT in PolandRoberto Montella, George Tsereteli and Ingibjorg Gisladottir at the Polish Sejm, 22 March 2018WARSAW, 23 March 2018 – Wrapping up a two-day visit to Warsaw, where meetings have taken place with colleagues from the Polish Parliament and from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President George Tsereteli (MP, Georgia) said today that solving common problems requires greater international co-operation.

OSCE countries must work together on meeting challenges, which also means stronger unity between OSCE institutions for results-oriented work, Tsereteli said. Poland’s attachment and support to the OSCE is evident with its hosting of the ODIHR, he noted. He also expressed appreciation for the active participation of Polish parliamentarians in all OSCE PA activities and recognized their role in election observation.

“Parliamentarians bring added value to election observation,” the President said. “When election observation is working at its best, the political experience of parliamentarians complements ODIHR’s expertise and long-term observation, producing a stronger, more credible assessment of the elections. This combination makes the OSCE an indisputable leader of election observation recognized throughout the world.”

President Tsereteli, who is joined in the Polish capital by OSCE PA Secretary General Roberto Montella, has met Thursday and Friday with Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki; Deputy Marshal of the Senate, Adam Bielan, and several Members of the Delegation of Poland to the OSCE PA headed by Barbara Bartus; as well as ODIHR Director Ingibjorg Gisladottir and a range of senior experts from the OSCE’s human rights office.

Topics discussed in meetings included OSCE priorities in particular related to the situations in Ukraine and the South Caucasus, domestic developments in Poland including judiciary reform and the rule of law in general, and last weekend’s presidential election in the Russian Federation.

Secretary General Montella welcomed Poland’s strong support for the OSCE PA, including through the Polish Delegation’s active participation in election observation. “Poland is a valuable member of the OSCE and the OSCE PA,” Montella said. “Your active participation is necessary to advance our common goals and your contributions are highly appreciated.”

Photos of the visit to Poland are available on Flickr.