COPENHAGEN, 27 June 2012 (Français)– Recognizing the importance of national defence and neutrality in the OSCE area, especially small states, Ukrainian MP Oleh Bilorus has proposed a resolution calling upon governments to respect a state's right to neutrality and include such states in security dialogue.

The resolution is co-sponsored by 28 parliamentarians from 11 countries, and will be presented to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for consideration at the Monaco Annual Session 5-9 July.

"Every state has the right to be secure, just as ever state has the right to remain neutral on political and military matters," Bilorus said, "Neutral states have a key role in regional security. They often can be the ones who create openings for further dialogue and ease tensions amid protracted conflicts."

Out of the 56 OSCE participating States, Liechtenstein is currently the only participating State that does not have a standing army or political defence alliance. Andorra, San Marino, the Holy See and Monaco have treaties with other, larger States, for territorial defence and security. Switzerland maintains a standing army but does not take part in armed conflicts in other countries.

Resolutions and the final declaration adopted in Monaco help shape OSCE and national policy. The Annual Session, including committee debates and votes, are open to the press and public.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is comprised of 320 parliamentarians from 55 countries spanning, Europe, Central Asia and North America. The Assembly provides a forum for parliamentary diplomacy, monitors elections, and strengthens international cooperation to uphold commitments on political, security, economic, environmental and human rights issues. ||