COPENHAGEN, 26 June 2012 (Francais) – In its first meeting since democratic elections were held in Egypt and Tunisia, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is expected to vote on a resolution aimed at furthering democratic transition in the Middle East and North Africa.

Governments and Parliaments of OSCE participating States should engage in or strengthen dialogue with democratically elected entities in the region in order to develop democracy at national, regional and local levels, according to the resolution, which will be considered for adoption at the OSCE PA Annual Session 5-9 July in Monaco.

"It is not enough for us to observe and cheer from the sidelines as our neighbors set out to establish their own democracies," said OSCE PA Vice-President Jean-Charles Gardetto. "We need to be there to help and share ideas and experience where it is requested."

The resolution warns that without "appropriate assistance enabling these countries to implement peaceful democratic transition, forces that are hostile to the democratic process may take control and claim thousands of further victims."

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observed the elections in Tunisia in 2011 and has consistently engaged with Mediterranean Partners of the OSCE, including Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. Many of the Partners plan to have delegations in Monaco for the OSCE PA Mediterranean Forum, which will be held on 6 July.

The resolution also calls on international and financial organizations to encourage trade with Arab countries engaged in democratization. The full text of the resolution is available here.

Resolutions adopted at the Annual Session along with the Monaco Declaration help to shape OSCE and national policy. The Monaco Annual Session, including committee debates and votes, is open to the press and public. Additional information on the Annual Session can be found here.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is comprised of 320 parliamentarians from 55 countries spanning, Europe, Central Asia and North America. The Assembly provides a forum for parliamentary diplomacy, monitors elections, and strengthens international cooperation to uphold commitments on political, security, economic, environmental and human rights issues. ||