pdf News from Copenhagen 683

20 December 2017

  • Season’s Greetings and a year-end message from the Secretary General

pdf News from Copenhagen 682

13 December 2017

  • High-level PA delegation at OSCE Ministerial Council builds dialogue

pdf News from Copenhagen 681

6 December 2017

  • OSCE PA Bureau meets ahead of 24th Ministerial Council in Vienna
  • PA’s Kanerva addresses Astana Club in Kazakhstan, emphasizing international commitments

pdf News from Copenhagen 680

29 November 2017

  • President Tsereteli’s address to PACE highlights areas of co-operation
  • In Permanent Council remarks, Lombardi stresses OSCE’s role on migration
  • Guliyev speaks on election observation in Vienna
  • Birchall speaks on counter-terrorism in Milan

pdf News from Copenhagen 679

22 November 2017

  • MPs call for enhanced co-operation on migration at Malta conference
  • PA holds third in a series of meetings with partners on election observation
  • Members of Moroccan OSCE PA Delegation visit International Secretariat for talks with SG

pdf News from Copenhagen 678

15 November 2017

  • Tsereteli assumes OSCE PA presidency, holds meetings in Copenhagen
  • Members of Ad Hoc Committee on Countering Terrorism visit Vienna
  • PA’s Picchi speaks on migrants’ political participation at OSCE/ODIHR event in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 677

8 November 2017

  • Muttonen bids farewell to OSCE PA, conducts final visit to Canada
  • Special Representative on South East Europe Battelli speaks at NATO PA seminar
  • PA participates in Ambassadorial Retreat
  • Visits to the OSCE PA International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 676

1 November 2017

  • Parliamentary oversight of armed forces critical, says Muttonen in Washington
  • Ad Hoc Committee members assess effectiveness of migration strategies in Italy visit
  • Sanchez Amor speaks on challenges to democracy at OSCE Human Dimension Committee

pdf News from Copenhagen 675

25 October 2017

  • President Muttonen addresses Permanent Council, visits The Hague
  • PA members address migration at OSCE Mediterranean Conference in Palermo
  • OSCE PA delegation’s visit to Morocco focuses on counter-terrorism efforts

pdf News from Copenhagen 674

18 October 2017

  • Kyrgyzstan election competitive, although concerns remain, say observers
  • Second Committee Chair Nilza Sena’s visit to Vienna explores areas of co-operation

pdf News from Copenhagen 673

11 October 2017

  • Autumn Meeting features debates on cybersecurity, climate change, education
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Migration issues report with wide-ranging recommendations

pdf News from Copenhagen 672

4 October 2017

  • Andorra Autumn Meeting underway with focus on new security challenges
  • Special Representative Vigenin concludes week-long visit to South Caucasus

pdf News from Copenhagen 671

27 September 2017

  • German elections display democratic commitment, say OSCE PA observers
  • President Muttonen discusses common challenges with leaders in Morocco
  • Special Representative on the South Caucasus Vigenin on visit to the region

pdf News from Copenhagen 670

20 September 2017

  • In Vienna, President Muttonen speaks on sustainable peace
  • Andorra Autumn Meeting to address new security challenges, new tasks
  • OSCE PA Special Representatives on Mediterranean Affairs, Mediation visit Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 669

13 September 2017

  • President Muttonen meets with leadership in Azerbaijan
  • VP Tidei addresses Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw

pdf News from Copenhagen 668

6 September 2017

  • High-level visits to the Assembly's Secretariat in Copenhagen
  • Santos shares PA’s migration experience with Baltic Sea MPs in Hamburg

pdf News from Copenhagen 667

30 August 2017

  • In Central Asia, President Muttonen highlights nuclear dangers, regional co-operation
  • PA Vice-President Guliyev speaks on terrorism in Astana
  • Upcoming election observation in Germany and Kyrgyzstan

pdf News from Copenhagen 666

12 July 2017

  • OSCE PA Minsk Declaration adopted, officers elected
  • PA President Muttonen addresses OSCE Foreign Ministers in Mauerbach

pdf News from Copenhagen 665

5 July 2017

  • Annual Session opens in Minsk, counter-terrorism committee agreed to
  • OSCE PA Special Representative in Vienna for meetings on South Caucasus

pdf News from Copenhagen 664

28 June 2017

  • OSCE PA to meet next week in Minsk for 26th Annual Session
  • OSCE PA observes 'competitive and well-organized' Mongolian election
  • Albania's parliamentary elections respect fundamental freedoms, say observers