pdf News from Copenhagen 640

21 December 2016

  • Harstedt in Minsk for presentation of ODIHR’s final report on Belarus elections
  • Season’s Greetings from OSCE PA Secretary General Roberto Montella

pdf News from Copenhagen 639

14 December 2016

  • President Muttonen urges a strong OSCE in Ministerial Council speech
  • Elections an essential step to end political crisis, observers say in Skopje

pdf News from Copenhagen 638

7 December 2016

  • PA Bureau meets on eve of OSCE Ministerial Council in Hamburg
  • Neri visits Secretariat for talks on financial reforms, migration matters

pdf News from Copenhagen 637

30 November 2016

  • Muttonen welcomes Russian engagement with PA in Moscow meetings
  • Guliyev addresses PABSEC in Belgrade
  • Dobesova addresses OSCE seminar in Prague

pdf News from Copenhagen 636

23 November 2016

  • At NATO PA session in Istanbul, Muttonen emphasizes parliamentary diplomacy
  • President Emeritus Kanerva addresses OSCE Group of Friends of Mediation
  • Preparations underway for 2017 OSCE PA Annual Session in Minsk

pdf News from Copenhagen 635

16 November 2016

  • Observers: Moldova run-off competitive, but harsh rhetoric detracts from process
  • OSCE PA President Muttonen visits UN headquarters in New York
  • Third Committee Chair Sanchez Amor meets EU Commission Vice-President Timmermans

pdf News from Copenhagen 634

9 November 2016

  • Observers: freedoms respected in US elections characterized by intolerant rhetoric
  • Secretariat prepares for 2017-18 meetings
  • Kanerva participates in election seminar

pdf News from Copenhagen 633

2 November 2016

  • OSCE PA President Muttonen addresses OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna
  • PA observes election in Moldova 
  • PA observes second round in Georgia 

pdf News from Copenhagen 632

26 October 2016

  • OSCE PA election observers deploying to Moldova, Georgia and United States
  • Secretary General and Finance Officer visit OSCE PA Liaison Office in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 631

19 October 2016

  • Observers: Fundamental freedoms respected in competitive Montenegro elections
  • Harstedt participates in Belarus-related events in Stockholm and Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 630

12 October 2016

  • Georgian parliamentary elections competitive and well-run, say observers
  • Election observation mission opens in Montenegro with arrival of staff

pdf News from Copenhagen 629

5 October 2016

  • Parliamentary Assembly holds successful Autumn Meeting in Skopje
  • OSCE Gender Adviser meets with PA Secretary General in Copenhagen

pdf News from Copenhagen 628

28 September 2016

  • OSCE parliamentarians gather in Skopje for Autumn Meeting
  • OSCE PA election observers note improved campaign environment in Georgia

pdf News from Copenhagen 627

21 September 2016

  • Observers: Russian elections more transparent, but challenges remain
  • Cooperation needed in addressing challenges, says Muttonen in Warsaw and Strasbourg
  • Sena stresses benefits of migration at OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

pdf News from Copenhagen 626

14 September 2016

  • Observers: Belarus elections efficiently organized, shortcomings remain
  • Members of OSCE PA Ad Hoc Committee on Migration visit Sicily, call for support
  • OSCE PA President Emeritus Kanerva appointed Special Representative on Mediation

pdf News from Copenhagen 625

7 September 2016

  • President Muttonen’s visit to Secretariat focuses on priorities and PA activities
  • Santos and Barnett address OSCE Chairmanship event on anti-Gypsyism in Berlin

pdf News from Copenhagen 624

31 August 2016

  • Vice-President Guliyev addresses nuclear conference, holds meetings in Kazakhstan
  • Special Coordinator Harstedt continues pre-electoral work in Belarus, meets with President
  • OSCE PA Secretariat reinforcing election co-operation with partners

pdf News from Copenhagen 623

17 August 2016

  • OSCE PA President leads delegation to Turkey in aftermath of attempted coup
  • Special Coordinator Harstedt visits Belarus in advance of September parliamentary elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 622

20 July 2016

  • Ad Hoc Committee Chair Lombardi speaks at special PC meeting on migration
  • PA briefs OSCE governmental side on Tbilisi Declaration, participates in Chairmanship event
  • PA, ODIHR and U.S. Ambassador participate in U.S. Secretaries of State conference on elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 621

13 July 2016

  • OSCE PA’s Bureau elected in Tbilisi for 2016/2017