pdf News from Copenhagen 502

18 December 2013

  • PA delegation completes historic election assessment visit to Turkmenistan
  • Looking ahead to 2014
  • Season's greetings from the Secretary General

pdf News from Copenhagen 501

11 December 2013

  • PA team visits Baku in preparation for the 2014 Annual Session
  • Bernhard and Oliver discuss the legal character of the OSCE
  • SIPRI representatives visit Copenhagen for Helsinki +40 talks

pdf News from Copenhagen 500

4 December 2013

  • Bureau meets in Kyiv ahead of OSCE Ministerial Council
  • President Krivokapic meets Verkhovna Rada Speaker in Kyiv

pdf News from Copenhagen 499

27 November 2013

  • Krivokapic continues high-level talks in the United States
  • PA Bureau to meet in Kyiv and participate in Ministerial Council
  • Walsh to lead Turkmenistan assessment
  • PA welcomes new Communications Director

pdf News from Copenhagen 498

20 November 2013

  • Krivokapic meets with U.S. Helsinki Commission members
  • Vice-President Kanerva leads PA delegation in visit to Moscow
  • OSCE PA participates in NATO PA Rose-Roth Seminar in Bishkek

pdf News from Copenhagen 497

13 November 2013

  • PA completes Tajikistan election observation, continues activities in region
  • Lord Bowness initiates debate on Helsinki +40 in British House of Lords
  • Kovalev appointed Special Representative on Anti-Terrorism

pdf News from Copenhagen 496

6 November 2013

  • Comic and Cederfelt lead election observation in Tajikistan
  • President Krivokapic addresses Permanent Council in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 495

30 October 2013

  • Soares and Kanerva: Georgian election 'clean' and democratic
  • Vice-President Neri speaks at OSCE Mediterranean Conference
  • Special Rep Battelli wraps up visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 494

23 October 2013

  • Bureau members participate in EEDIM and HDC
  • Special Rep Battelli on official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 493

16 October 2013

  • Montenegro hosts 2013 OSCE PA Autumn Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 492

9 October 2013

  • Voisin, Barnett and Voridis lead election observers in Azerbaijan
  • Secretary General Oliver visits UN and IPU in Geneva

pdf News from Copenhagen 491

2 October 2013

  • Santos addresses Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw
  • PA to gather in Budva for debates on Syria, transnational threats and human rights

pdf News from Copenhagen 490

25 September 2013

  • Kulkuloglu and Santos represent PA at Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
  • Preparations underway for OSCE PA election observation in Azerbaijan and Georgia

pdf News from Copenhagen 489

18 September 2013

  • OSCE PA official visit to Finland
  • Georgia pre-election visit
  • Voridis addresses OSCE Malta conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 488

11 September 2013

  • In Warsaw, Krivokapic and Oliver meet with Polish officials, ODIHR
  • Visit to Helsinki focuses on preparations for the PA's 2015 Annual Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 487

5 September 2013

  • President Krivokapic visits International Secretariat in Copenhagen
  • Soares and Kanerva appointed to lead election observers in Georgia
  • DSG Schoen participates in OSCE regional meeting in Georgia
  • OSCE PA Special Representative for Central Asia Mariani visits region

pdf News from Copenhagen 486

24 July 2013

  • PA President Krivokapic hosts Planning Meeting in Podgorica with Secretary General Spencer Oliver , Pres. Advisor Roberto Montella
  • PA Special Representative promotes Istanbul Declaration in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 485

17 July 2013

  • Krivokapic meets with Georgian, Serbian officials
  • Istanbul Declaration sent to Foreign Ministers, Speakers
  • Bureau to meet in Budva ahead of Autumn Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 484

10 July 2013

  • Krivokapic elected President, Istanbul Declaration adopted

pdf News from Copenhagen 483

26 June 2013

  • Battelli notes competitive Albanian election but criticizes partisanship
  • PA staff make final preparations for Annual Session