pdf News from Copenhagen 415

21 December 2011

  • International Secretariat looking forward to a productive 2012

pdf News from Copenhagen 414

14 December 2011

  • Assembly leadership meets in Vilnius to discuss ongoing activities of the PA
  • Posada elected Speaker of Spanish Parliament
  • PA Vice-Presidents re-elected in Spain, Croatia and Slovenia

pdf News from Copenhagen 413

7 December 2011

  • President Efthymiou calls for OSCE to break routine at Ministerial Council
  • Efthymiou delivers international statement critical of Russian elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 412

30 November 2011
  • Efthymiou leads OSCE election observers to Russian elections
  • PA participates in Belgrade conference
  • PA to observe early parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan

pdf News from Copenhagen 411

23 November 2011

  • President Efthymiou to address OSCE Ministerial Council
  • PA leadership team to meet in Vilnius

pdf News from Copenhagen 410

16 November 2011

  • Preparation under way for 2012 economic conference in Batumi, Georgia
  • Mecacci addresses Human Dimension Committee ahead of Ministerial Council

pdf News from Copenhagen 409

9 November 2011

  • Efthymiou addresses Permanent Council in Vienna
  • Parliamentary forum held in Kyrgyzstan
  • Russian elections reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 408

2 November 2011

  • Habsburg Douglas 'cautiously optimistic' about Kyrgyzstan's democracy
  • Mecacci addresses OSCE conference on discrimination against Muslims

pdf News from Copenhagen 407

26 October 2011

  • OSCE PA observes historic elections in Tunisia

pdf News from Copenhagen 406

19 October 2011

  • OSCE PA continues election observation in Russian Federation

pdf News from Copenhagen 405

12 October 2011

  • South East Europe, Mediterranean and conflict resolution discussed in Dubrovnik
  • Efthymiou speaks at OSCE Mediterranean Conference in Budva, Montenegro

pdf News from Copenhagen 404

5 October 2011

  • Migliori visits refugees on Libyan border while on pre-election mission to Tunisia
  • Battelli, Grossruck on official visit to Albania
  • Efthymiou addresses Barcelona conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 403

28 September 2011

  • PA participates in Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
  • Fall Meetings to focus on regional development in South-East Europe

pdf News from Copenhagen 402

21 September 2011

  • President Efthymiou meets with Ukrainian Leaders
  • Human rights chair speaks in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 401

14 September 2011

  • OSCE Parliamentarians visit Kyrgyzstan
  • VP Migliori launches election observation in Tunisia
  • Full programme for OSCE PA Fall Meetings in Dubrovnik

pdf News from Copenhagen 400

7 September 2011

  • VP Migliori on pre-assessment mission to Tunisia
  • Efthymiou and Habsburg Douglas to visit Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan
  • PA participates in OSCE messaging meeting in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 399

27 July 2011

  • Nothelle briefs Vienna on Belgrade Declaration
  • Efthymiou, Habsburg Douglas to lead election observers in Russia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Preparations underway for Dubrovnik Fall Meetings, Registration Deadline 5 Sept.
  • Albanian MP named to cabinet post

pdf News from Copenhagen 398

20 July 2011

  • VP Migliori to lead Tunisian election observation
  • International Secretariat begins follow-up work on Belgrade Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 397

13 July 2011

  • Efthymiou and Battelli re-elected, Belgrade Declaration adopted
  • Soares named Special Representative for the South Caucasus

pdf News from Copenhagen 396

30 June 2011

  • OSCE Parliamentarians to convene 20th Annual Session in Belgrade
  • SG Oliver meets with election officials in Moscow