pdf News from Copenhagen 207

19 December 2006

  • President Lennmarker visits South East Europe
  • Head of Andorran Delegation Represents the OSCE PA at Parliamentary Conference of the WTO

pdf News from Copenhagen 206

11 December 2006

  • Bureau meets in Brussels, recommends Kazakhstan for 2008 Annual Session
  • Visit by respresentative of OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 205

6 December 2006

  • President Lennmarker addresses OSCE Ministerial Council

pdf News from Copenhagen 204

28 November 2006

  • Standing Committee meeting in Malta
  • Mediterranean Forum debates situation in the Middle East
  • President to address Ministerial Council, Assembly Bureau to meet in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 203

18 November 2006

  • PA Autumn Meetings opened in Malta
  • Lennmarker holds meetings in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 202

14 November 2006

  • President Lennmarker addresses OSCE Permanent Council
  • Lennmarker pays visit to Germany and meets with OSCE Chairman-in-Offi ce in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 201

8 November 2006

  • Kiljunen: Lack of serious campaign and credible alternatives in Tajikistan Presidential election
  • Final preparations for Malta Autumn Meetings

pdf News from Copenhagen 200

25 October 2006

  • Roberto Battelli in Croatia for Stability Pact meeting
  • Lennmarker meets with 'monitors of monitors' on OSCE election observation

pdf News from Copenhagen 199

16 October 2006

  • Lennmarker on Presidential visit to Moscow
  • Visits to International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 198

10 October 2006

  • Lennmarker condemns murder of Anna Politkovskaya
  • Vice-President Haering: Latvian election transparent and professional but issue of 'non-citizens' remains

pdf News from Copenhagen 197

3 October 2006

  • Heath: Real progress in BiH elections
  • Lennmarker meets with incoming Chairman-in-Office
  • Vice-President Haering appointed to lead short term OSCE observation mission in Latvia

pdf News from Copenhagen 196

22 September 2006

  • David Heath appointed to lead OSCE short-term observers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • CiO's Personal Envoys on election observation visit PA Secretariat
  • Deadlines reminder
  • OSCE Needs Assessment Mission to Tajikistan

pdf News from Copenhagen 195

14 September 2006

  • Montenegrin elections largely in line with international standards
  • President Lennmarker visits OSCE Institutions in Warsaw

pdf News from Copenhagen 194

16 August 2006

  • Chairman-in-Offi ce appoints João Soares to lead OSCE election observation in Montenegro
  • Secretary General delivers lecture on OSCE at Lund University
  • Needs Assessment Mission for Parliamentary Elections in Latvia
  • Election observation deadlines

pdf News from Copenhagen 193

9 August 2006

  • President Lennmarker in Copenhagen to discuss future activities
  • Danish OSCE Ambassador visits International Secretariat
  • Head of Action against Terrorism Unit visits International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 192

17 July 2006

  • President Lennmarker visits International Secretariat
  • Focus on election-related matters during Annual Session
  • Upcoming Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 191

10 July 2006

  • Assembly adopts Brussels Declaration, Göran Lennmarker elected President
  • New Officers elected

pdf News from Copenhagen 190

28 June 2006

  • Final preparations for Brussels Session
  • OSCE PA 2007 Economic Conference in Andorra
  • Battelli in Skopje to discuss upcoming elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 189

16 June 2006

  • Assembly to debate 15 Supplementary Items
  • Kimmo Kiljunen visits Moldova, urging parliamentary dialogue
  • PA Secretary General meets with OSCE Ambassadors
  • Reminders

pdf News from Copenhagen 188

13 June 2006

  • Battelli participates in Stability Pact Conference
  • Passy appointed to Transparency Committee
  • OSCE public affairs roundtable
  • Norwegian Delegation visits International Secretariat