pdf News from Copenhagen 153

12 July 2005

  • Washington Declaration Adopted, President Hastings Re-Elected

pdf News from Copenhagen 169

23 December 2005

  • OSCE PA Bureau approves agenda for 2006 Winter Meeting in Vienna
  • Ukraine Elections to be held on 26 March 2006
  • Rapporteur of Political Affairs and Security Committee visits the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 168

15 December 2005

  • European Union, United States, Denmark and Bulgaria praise work of the OSCE PA at Ministerial Council
  • Senator Anne-Marie Lizin to visit Guantánamo Facility
  • Preparatory visit to Ukraine

pdf News from Copenhagen 167

9 December 2005

  • Hastings addresses 13th OSCE Ministerial Council, OSCE PA Expanded Bureau meets in Ljubljana
  • Kazakh election fl awed despite some administrative improvements

pdf News from Copenhagen 166

30 November 2005

  • Preparations for Brussels Session in Full Swing
  • Assembly Recommendations on OSCE Budget Conveyed to OSCE Permanent Council
  • Göran Lennmarker Visits the International Secretariat
  • Expanded Bureau to Meet in Ljubljana

pdf News from Copenhagen 165

24 November 2005

  • Hastings visits Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia
  • Belgian Ambassador visits Assembly Headquarters

pdf News from Copenhagen 164

14 November 2005

  • Bruce George appointed by OSCE Chairman-in-Office to lead OSCE election observers in Kazakhstan
  • Roberto Battelli represents PA in Stability Pact workshop in Belgrade
  • Expanded Bureau to meet in Ljubljana
  • Former OSCE Chairman-in-Office joins OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

pdf News from Copenhagen 163

8 November 2005

  • Hastings: Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections “did not meet” international commitments

pdf News from Copenhagen 162

27 October 2005

  • President Hastings meets with Prime Minister of Georgia
  • OSCE PA participates in seminar on refugees and displaced persons in South-East Europe

pdf News from Copenhagen 161

17 October 2005

  • Standing Committee Meets in Sveti-Stefan
  • Sub-Committee on the Rules of Procedure

pdf News from Copenhagen 160

10 October 2005

  • 2005 Autumn Meetings in Sveti-Stefan
  • President Hastings urges reform and co-operation to OSCE Permanent Council

pdf News from Copenhagen 159

3 October 2005

  • OSCE Chairman-in-Offi ce appoints President Alcee L. Hastings to Lead OSCE Election Observation in Azerbaijan
  • Vice-President Pia Christmas-Møller visits the International Secretariat
  • OSCE PA Participates in Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 158

23 September 2005

  • Hastings welcomes US elections follow-up
  • President Hastings meets with new OSCE Economic Co-ordinator
  • New Research Fellows join Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 157

13 September 2005

  • President Hastings Addresses World Conference of Speakers of Parliament
  • Sveti-Stefan Preparations
  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Participates in Mediterranean Seminar

pdf News from Copenhagen 156

2 September 2005

  • President Hastings holds high-level meetings in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

pdf News from Copenhagen 155

22 July 2005

  • Report on Guantanamo
  • Gender Issues in focus

pdf News from Copenhagen 154

19 July 2005

  • ‘Tangible progress’ in Kyrgyzstan elections
  • Albanian elections competitive, with procedural shortcomings

pdf News from Copenhagen 152

27 June 2005

  • Hastings Presents Special Report on The Future of the OSCE

pdf News from Copenhagen 151

21 June 2005

  • Kiljunen: OSCE could organize elections in Transdniestria
  • Amendments Reminder
  • President Hastings Appoints Rules Committee

pdf News from Copenhagen 150

15 June 2005

  • Córdoba Declaration: Crucial role for Parliamentarians in Fight Against Anti-Semitism and Intolerance
  • Ukraine Television Channel Five to be Awarded Journalism Prize