pdf News from Copenhagen 132

22 December 2004

  • Seasons Greetings from the President

pdf News from Copenhagen 131

16 December 2004

  • President Hastings in Rabat, Tunis and Algiers
  • OSCE Chair appoints PA Vice-President Gert Weisskirchen as Personal Representative on Combating anti-Semitism
  • Security in the Mediterranean and Beyond
  • Theme for the 2005 OSCE PA Annual Session in Washington: 30 Years Since Helsinki: Challenges Ahead

pdf News from Copenhagen 130

9 December 2004

  • President Alcee L. Hastings addresses the 12th OSCE Ministerial Council in Sofia
  • Bureau Meeting in Sofia

pdf News from Copenhagen 129

23 November 2004

  • International Observers condemn Ukranian Presidential Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 128

19 November 2004

  • President Alcee L. Hastings in Vienna, Venice and Moscow

pdf News from Copenhagen 127

16 November 2004

  • Parliamentarians Debate Fight Against Organized Crime in South Eastern Europe

pdf News from Copenhagen 126

9 November 2004

  • Parliamentarians Lead OSCE Observation of 2004 Elections in the United States

pdf News from Copenhagen 125

2 November 2004

  • Elections in Ukraine did not meet international standards

pdf News from Copenhagen 124

29 October 2004

  • Parliamentary Assembly deploys Election Observers to Ukraine and United States

pdf News from Copenhagen 123

20 October 2004

  • PA VP Tone Tingsgaard leads OSCE Observation of parliamentary elections in Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 122

12 October 2004

  • Leaders of OSCE Election Observation Mission to the US visit Washington

pdf News from Copenhagen 121

5 October 2004

  • C-i-O Passy and PA President Hastings meet in Sofia
  • OSCE PA Autumn Meetings in Rhodes
  • OSCE PA Standing Committee hears reports from OSCE Secretary General and PA Treasurer

pdf News from Copenhagen 120

22 September 2004

  • PA VP Ihor Ostash leads OSCE Observation of parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan
  • OSCE PA President addresses OSCE Conference on Tolerance
  • Vice-President Barbara Haering visits International Secretariat
  • Planning for Parliamentary Conference on Stability Pact

pdf News from Copenhagen 119

14 September 2004

  • OSCE Chairman appoints Parliamentarians to lead OSCE election observation missions to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and United States
  • President Alcee Hastings, Secretary of State Powell Discuss OSCE Reforms, US Election Observation

pdf News from Copenhagen 118

22 July 2004

  • PA President Alcee L. Hastings, Chairman-in-Offi ce Solomon Passy pledge to work together for the OSCE
  • Edinburgh Statement on Belarus
  • Upcoming Events
  • OSCE PA Election Monitoring

pdf News from Copenhagen 117

20 July 2004

  • Gender Issues High On Edinburgh Agenda
  • Standing Committee Approves Budget
  • Dialogue With Mediterranean Partners
  • Moldova

pdf News from Copenhagen 116

14 July 2004

  • OSCE PA President Alcee Hastings Congratulated by CiO
  • PA Calls for reform and more transparency in OSCE
  • 13th OSCE PA Annual Session in Edinburgh: Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 115

25 June 2004

  • OSCE PA strengthens relations with Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation
  • Working Group on Belarus Visits Minsk

pdf News from Copenhagen 114

22 June 2004

  • 300 OSCE Parliamentarians to Consider Current International Topics in Edinburgh
  • Parliamentary Team visits Moldova
  • Special Meeting on Gender Issues in Edinburgh
  • Mission to Ukraine

pdf News from Copenhagen 113

16 June 2004

  • OSCE PA Report shows that gender balance is still a problem in the OSCE