pdf News from Copenhagen 81

20 June 2003

  • Talks on Parliamentary Reforms in Kyrgyzstan
  • Bruce George Visits Ukraine
  • Parliamentary Dialogue on Oversight of Armed Forces

pdf News from Copenhagen 80

13 June 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentarians focus on Central Asia

pdf News from Copenhagen 79

3 June 2003

  • Parliamentary Working Group on Belarus Visits Gomel and Minsk
  • Barbara Haering Represents PA at OSCE Economic Forum
  • Tone Tingsgaard holds talks in Georgia
  • Bruce George Meets Czech Delegation
  • OSCE Heads of Institution Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 78

27 May 2003

  • OSCE PA President George Visits Bulgaria
  • Giovanni Kessler Leads OSCE Election Monitors in Armenia
  • Stability Pact Conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 77

20 May 2003

  • Parliamentarians adopt Bern Declaration on Promoting SMEs in the OSCE area

pdf News from Copenhagen 76

19 May 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentary Impetus in Search for Solution to Transdniestrian Conflict

pdf News from Copenhagen 75

28 April 2003

  • 14th Annual Session in Washington, July 2005
  • OSCE PA Sharpens Focus on Central Asia
  • Vice-President Alcee Hastings Visits the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 74

11 April 2003

  • OSCE PA Field Visit to Skopje
  • Parliamentary Conferenc on the Stability Pact to be held in Brussels
  • Registration Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 73

4 April 2003

  • President Bruce George visits Rome
  • Parliamentary Field Visit to Albania
  • Preparations for Berne Conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 72

25 March 2003

  • Observation of parliamentary elections in Armenia
  • Swedish Delegation Meets OSCE Officials
  • OSCE PA Participates in European Parliament Hearing

pdf News from Copenhagen 71

12 March 2003

  • OSCE PA Promotes Political Dialogue in Moldova
  • Berne Conference to Foster Small and Medium Sized Business in the OSCE area
  • From Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 70

4 March 2003

  • Busy OSCE PA Spring Schedule
  • Bilaterals at Vienna Winter Meeting
  • Bruce George Meets with OSCE Mediterranean Contact Group
  • Before proposing the debate on Iraq in Vienna, President Bruce George met with Dr. Hans Blix at the UN in NY.

pdf News from Copenhagen 69

26 February 2003

  • Winter Meeting Debates Iraq Crisis

pdf News from Copenhagen 68

14 February 2003

  • More than 250 Parliamentarians to attend Winter Meeting
  • Parliamentary Field Visit to Croatia
  • Working Group on Belarus Visits Minsk

pdf News from Copenhagen 67

7 February 2003

  • Anna Politkovskaya Wins Journalism Prize
  • President George Visits Moscow
  • Address to Council of Europe PA
  • OSCE PA Vice-President Gert Weisskirchen attends “3+3”

pdf News from Copenhagen 66

17 January 2003

  • Liason Offi ce Opened in Vienna
  • OSCE Troika Meeting
  • President Bruce George attends Heads of Mission meeting in Vienna
  • European Parliament takes over the Presidency of the Parliamentary Troika on the Stability Pact

pdf News from Copenhagen 97

17 December 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentarians, ODIHR to Lead Observation of Presidential Elections in Georgia
  • Head of Norwegian Delegation Visits Copenhagen
  • Vice-President Ostash to Lead Serbian Election Observers

pdf News from Copenhagen 96

11 December 2003

  • Bruce George Leads OSCE Observation of State Duma Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 95

3 December 2003

  • Bruce George Addresses the 11th Ministerial Council in Maastricht
  • OSCE Journalism and Democracy Prize to Committee to Protect Journalists

pdf News from Copenhagen 94

28 November 2003

  • President Bruce George to lead OSCE Observation of Russian Elections
  • The Assembly comments on the OSCE Budget
  • OSCE PA to observe Presidential Elections in Georgia