pdf News from Copenhagen 42

10 December 2001

  • Severin addresses Ninth Ministerial Council: PA Claims Right to be Consulted, to Encourage and to Warn
  • Bureau Meeting
  • Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Transparency and Accountability

pdf News from Copenhagen 43

19 December 2001

  • OSCE PA Field Visit to Latvia and Estonia
  • Vice-President Tan represents PA at the Bishkek International Conference
  • President Severin visits Bulgaria and addresses the General Assembly of PABSEC

pdf News from Copenhagen 41

6 December 2001

  • President Severin continues OSCE PA efforts in South-East Europe
  • Ad hoc working group on Belarus visits Minsk
  • OSCE PA President Visits Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Russia

pdf News from Copenhagen 40

21 November 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Assembly Elections in Kosovo
  • PA Participation in the OSCE Mediterranean Seminar
  • Activities of the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 39

6 November 2001

  • President Severin Visits Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia
  • Activities of the International Secretariat
  • President Severin attends the “3+3” in Vaduz
  • New Members of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 38

22 October 2001

  • Parliamentary Conference on Migration
  • Activities of the International Secretariat
  • Committee Chair Weisskirchen represents PA at Traffi cking in Persons Conference
  • New Chair Working Group on Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 37

15 October 2001

  • Next Chairman-in-Office: Close Co-operation with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
  • U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer appointed Chair of Oversight Committee
  • Assembly Declaration on the Fight against Terrorism
  • Theme 11th Annual Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 36

4 October 2001

  • Mr. Jacques Floch takes up post in the French Government
  • Secretary Generals Oliver and Kubiš Meet in Vienna
  • Stability Pact Troika Meeting in Brussels
  • OSCE/ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
  • Election Update: Kosovo

pdf News from Copenhagen 35

14 September 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Presidential Elections in Belarus
  • President Severin Addresses the Permanent Council
  • President Severin visits the headquarters of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture in Copenhagen
  • OSCE PA Gender Unit Re-organized
  • President Severin expresses condolences to the American people

pdf News from Copenhagen 34

20 July 2001

  • Assembly Paris Declaration Calls for More Oversight and Accountability in the OSCE
  • OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy Ceremony
  • Election Update: Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 33

29 June 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Elections in Albania
  • President Severin visits Poland
  • OSCE Troika
  • OSCE Parliamentarians visit Georgia
  • Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 32

19 June 2001

  • President Severin visits Canada, United States
  • President Severin sends a letter to the Permanent Council
  • Bureau of the Third General Committee meets in Heidelberg
  • Third Round Table on Elections in Kazakhstan

pdf News from Copenhagen 31

8 June 2001

  • OSCE PA Moldova Committee Organizes Seminar on Self-Government
  • PA Delegation attends Human Dimension Seminar
  • Stability Pact Strengthens its Parliamentary Dimension
  • President Severin on Offi cial Visit to Sweden

pdf News from Copenhagen 30

31 May 2001

  • Kosovo Committee address Women in Politics Seminar
  • OSCE PA Delegation attends 9th OSCE Economic Forum in Prague
  • OSCE Public Affairs Round Table in Vienna
  • 10th Annual Session in Paris
  • Election Update: Albania

pdf News from Copenhagen 29

17 May 2001

  • Parliamentary Assembly Leaders Meet President Putin
  • Secretary General Spencer Oliver Participates in Hague Seminar
  • Election Update: Albania

pdf News from Copenhagen 28

10 May 2001

  • President Severin completes Central Asia visit
  • Mr. Alcee Hastings Appointed to US Helsinki Commission
  • Head of Office in Yerevan visits OSCE PA International Secretariat
  • Election Update: Albania
  • NATO PA Spring Session
  • New Research Fellows

pdf News from Copenhagen 27

27 April 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Elections in Montenegro
  • President Severin Requests Parliamentarians to Take on Special Roles
  • President Severin Visits Central Asia

pdf News from Copenhagen 26

23 April 2001

  • Spanish and Ukrainian journalists share Journalism and Democracy Prize
  • OSCE PA President Adrian Severin Visits Albania
  • Stability Pact Troika

pdf News from Copenhagen 25

2 April 2001

  • President Severin visits fYR of Macedonia and Kosovo
  • OSCE PA Delegates Address Preparatory Seminar for OSCE Economic Forum
  • Preparations for the 10th Annual Session in Paris continue....
  • Election Update: Montenegro

pdf News from Copenhagen 24

20 March 2001

  • OSCE PA President Adrian Severin meets EP and PACE Presidents in Strasbourg
  • Parliamentary Troika Visits Belarus