AM 2006 Malta bigFrom 17 to 19 November 2006, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly met in Malta for its annual Fall Meetings. The meetings brought together more than 250 participants from 51 countries for a conference, Mediterranean Forum and meeting of the Assembly's Standing Committee. The meetings were addressed by senior representatives from Malta, the OSCE and other countries in the region. Special guest representatives from Libya also participated in the OSCE PA meetings for the first time.

The Conference on Immigration, Integration and Cross-Cultural Dialogue: the Roles of the OSCE opened on 17 November and continued on 18 November. In addition to opening and closing sessions, with keynote addresses by OSCE PA President Goran Lennmarker and representatives of Malta, the Conference consisted of four separate sessions: Session 1 on Promoting Integration in the OSCE: Challenges for Multi-Ethnic Societies; Session 2 on Ethnic Identity and Cultural Diversity; Session 3 on Migration and Security; and Session 4 on Illegal Migration. Each session was addressed by experts in the field of discussion, and provided time for debate by the parliamentarians on the issues raised.

AM 2005 Sveti Stefan bigBeginning on 7 October 2005, parliamentarians from across the OSCE region gathered for three days in Sveti-Stefan, Montenegro, to debate questions of good governance in multi-ethnic societies in the annual OSCE PA Fall Conference. The Assembly also held a meeting of its Standing Committee of Heads of Delegations and of the Mediterranean Forum on the following two days.

During the Conference and Parliamentary Forum, the over three hundred participants had the opportunity to hear presentations by experts in the fields being addressed, including several Heads of OSCE field missions, and senior political leaders from Serbia and Montenegro. The parliamentarians took advantage of this opportunity to exchange experiences and debate practices in governing multi-ethnic societies.

AM 2004 Rhodes bigMore than 130 parliamentarians from 43 participating States took part in the 2004 OSCE PA Fall Meetings, which were held in Rhodes, Greece, from 29 September to 1 October 2004. The Fall Meetings consisted of the Conference on Trafficking in Human Beings, a meeting of the Standing Committee and the 2nd OSCE PA Parliamentary Forum on the Mediterranean.

The two-day Conference on Trafficking in Human Beings consisted of a series of presentations and discussions focusing on trafficking in human beings as a security challenge, trafficking as a new form of slavery and international strategies in the fight against trafficking.

AM 2003 Rome bigMore than 160 parliamentarians from 49 participating States took part in the 2003 OSCE PA Fall Meetings, which were held in Rome from 9-11 October 2003. The Meetings included a two-day Conference on Religious Freedom, which consisted of a series of presentations and discussions focusing on the law and politics of religious freedom, religious tolerance in pluralistic societies and religious freedom and democracy.

AM 2002 Madrid bigOn the 3rd and 4th of October, 2002, in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held a Conference dedicated to ensuring peace, democracy and prosperity in the region of the Mediterranean. Close to 150 parliamentarians took part in the Conference, representing over 40 countries, including parliamentarians from Mediterranean Partner States. In addition, a number of expert guest speakers gave interventions addressing a variety of Mediterranean security concerns. The Conference was hosted by the Spanish Parliament, and chaired by the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Bruce George.