1993 AS Helsinki bigThe Second Annual Session of the CSCE Parliamentary Assembly was held in Helsinki on 6-9 July 1993.

A full chapter on the crisis in the Former Yugoslavia in the adopted Helsinki Declaration illustrated the importance attached to this issue.

The Declaration furthermore called for the establishment of a CSCE Security Committee and a CSCE decision-making procedure which no longer requires consensus or “consensus-minus-one”.

The Assembly expressed its determination to emphasize monitoring of elections as an important task on the CSCE Parliamentary agenda. Also, the wish was expressed that representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly will join CSCE missions sent to the centres of potential conflicts and tension.

The Helsinki Declaration appealed to the parliaments of the CSCE participating States to intensify their efforts to support the transformation process in the countries of Central andEastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. In Helsinki, the Assembly decided to call a meeting of the female members of the PA at the next session of the Assembly.