2000 AS Bucharest bigThe Ninth Annual Session, held in Bucharest from 6 to 10 July 2000, adopted the Bucharest Declaration which covered a wide range of political, economic and human rights issues and includes Resolutions on specific topics. The Resolution on Belarus called on all sides to pave the way for free, fair and internationally recognizable parliamentary elections in Belarus. The Resolution on Moldova expressed its concern regarding the stalemate in the negotiations on the status of Transdniestra and emphasized the need for a common State for all the peoples of Moldova.

The Assembly also adopted a Resolution on developments in the North Caucasus which called for a political solution to the conflict in Chechnya, as well as the earliest possible return of the OSCE Assistance Group to the area. On arms and weapons trading, the Assembly passed a Resolution calling for a convention regulating the trade in arms and the establishment of an international body with jurisdiction over any violations of the convention.

The Assembly also debated the OSCE recruiting policies and adopted a Resolution calling for reduced reliance on secondment in the long-term field missions to ensure the continuity of the important work carried out in the missions. On economic and environmental issues, the Assembly appealed to all OSCE participating States to honour their commitments under the Kyoto and Aarhus Protocols. Other Resolutions included appeals to abolish the death penalty for all crimes; preserve the ABM Treaty; ensure media freedom in the OSCE region; combat corruption, and fully implement the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe under OSCE auspices.

On the dialogue with the governmental side of the OSCE the Assembly repeated its strong recommendation that greater transparency be applied to OSCE Institutions, in order to increase awareness of OSCE activities and capabilities. To that end, Permanent Council meetings must be made open to the public except under special circumstances and meetings of the Forum for Security Co-operation should similarly become open to the public. The Assembly noted with satisfaction the Istanbul November 1999 decision by the OSCE Heads of State or Government to recognize the Assembly as a key component in the efforts of the OSCE to promote democracy, prosperity and increased confidence within and between participating States.