1997 AS Warsaw bigThe Sixth Annual Session, held in Warsaw 5-8 July 1997, focused on enhancing the implementation of commitments undertaken in the context of the CSCE and OSCE, including the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris and the Budapest and Lisbon Summit documents. A Declaration containing three basic resolutions, each corresponding to one of the three main baskets of the Helsinki Final Act, was adopted.

The Resolution concerning Political Affairs and Security focused on implementing the principles of territorial integrity and the inviolability of State frontiers.

In the field of Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and the Environment, a Resolution was passed to promote economic co-operation and provide assistance to the countries undertaking the transition to market economies.

The Resolution on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions focused on the importance of the media in a democracy, stressing that an independent, pluralistic and free media can play a decisive role in the resolution of existing conflicts.

Moreover, the 1997 Annual Session adopted a Resolution condemning systematic rape during armed conflict.