1996 AS Stockholm bigThe Fifth Annual Session, held in Stockholm on 5-9 July 1996, focused on the discussion of a Comprehensive Security Model for Europe for the 21st Century.

The final Declaration reiterated the Parliamentary Assembly’s support for the adoption of a broad concept of security, stressing, inter alia, the importance of economic stabilization and environmentally sustainable development in the security dimension.

The Assembly called for the creation of a common European security area in which existing OSCE commitments could be implemented. To carry out these OSCE commitments, the Declaration also emphasized the need to develop and strengthen preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention and post-conflict rehabilitation.

The final Declaration expressed concern about conflicts within the OSCE region and called on Governments to organize and promote campaigns to further tolerance and fight xenophobia and racism. Furthermore, as proposed in previous sessions, the Assembly called for the adoption of an approximate-consensus principle to improve the OSCE decision-making process.

The Stockholm Session also adopted a draft Code of Conduct on the “Politico-Democratic Aspects of Co-operation”. The Code of Conduct recognized the increased interdependency of States and stressed that international conflicts should only be resolved through peaceful political means.

Regarding the dialogue with the governmental side of the OSCE, the Assembly expressed satisfaction with the acknowledgement, at the December 1995 Budapest Ministerial Council, that the discussions of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly contributed to the work of the Permanent Council.

The Chairman-in-Office was requested to report to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on the political action taken as a result of Assembly deliberations, discussions and resolutions.