1994 AS Vienna bigIn July 1994, the Assembly’s Third Annual Session was hosted in Vienna by the Austrian Parliament.

Again the adopted Vienna Declaration contained a chapter on the crisis in the Former Yugoslavia. Other issues addressed in the Declaration included the development of a Code of Conduct in the field of political and military security, the Chernobyl tragedy, the International War Crimes Tribunal and the human rights situation in Turkey.

The Vienna Declaration furthermore requested that the CSCE Budapest Summit Meeting debate the creation of a formal procedure for considering CSCE PA resolutions and recommendations, so that co-operation between the CSCE Assembly and the CSCE could be further strengthened.

At the same time, the Assembly also urged national parliaments to consider the creation of a formal procedure for consideration of the resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the CSCE. The Assembly continued to call for change in the CSCE’s consensus rule, in order to accelerate and streamline the CSCE decision-making procedures.