1992 Budapest bigBudapest was the venue for the First Annual Session of the CSCE Parliamentary Assembly in July 1992.

The Assembly passed the Budapest Declaration which addressed issues relating to European security, peacekeeping, environmental co-operation, human rights and the crisis in the former Yugoslavia. The Declaration also urged parliaments and parliamentarians of the CSCE to participate more actively in the prevention, management and settlement of conflicts:

"When regional tensions arise, multilateral meetings of parliamentarians of counrtries concerned should be arranged to foster democratic and peaceful solutions."

In addition, all national parliaments were invited to participte in a session or a debate each year to discuss the state of progress in CSCE co-operation. Furthermore, the Budapest Declaration recommended that the CSCE send observers, including parliamentarians active in CSCE matters, to Kosovo and Vojvodina and other threatened regions to monitor the protection of minorities.

The Budapest Session also accepted the invitation of the Danish Parliament (Folketing) to locate the International Secretariat of the CSCE PA in Copenhagen, Denmark.